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Thread: Little Duck Blue Feather - if anyone can find any info or has a copy plz let me know!

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    Default Re: Animated sad, short film about a duck, possibly BBC

    <<< But she now faces a different threat - aerial attacks from other birds. With the eggs about to hatch, a large family of crows decide to try and take the tree, and launch an attack. The duck realises she is outnumbered, and prepares to admit defeat and reluctantly abandon the nest, and her eggs, to the crows. However, the tree waves its branches forcefully, and the crows, startled, abandon their attack and leave.

    The following day, cracks appear in the eggs, but before the ducklings can emerge, the sparrow hawk who had had the nest before the duck returns. The sparrow hawk is angry that the duck has taken over her nest, and begins an aerial attack on the nest. The duck attempts to fend off the sparrow hawk, but realises that the sparrow hawk is too strong. But once again, the tree comes to her rescue, forcefully waving its branches, frightening off the sparrow hawk, who flies away.

    The following morning, the eggs hatch, and at last the duck is mother to six ducklings. Their happiness is briefly threatened by the returning beaver, who starts trying to fell the tree to use for his lodge, but the duck flies down, she pecks him, and he goes away. The ducks are victorious and the film ends on a happy note.

    Just to say as well, that whilst the BBC showed the film in 1992, 1993 and 1995 according to the Genome site, my dad recorded it for me and my sister on VHS, but it was long before 1992, as I was 12 in 1992 but I distinctly remember watching this when I was about 6 and we had in on VHS for years...

    I last remember seeing it in circa 2004 (by which time I was about 24), when going through a load of old VHS tapes in my dad's loft, and interestingly the film had the classic LWT "river" ident just before it began, and also a LWT logo at the end. This ident would suggest two things:

    1.) That the film was actually originally shown on ITV in the UK, and the three BBC showings were all repeats;

    2.) The "river" ident featuring the LWT name was used on ITV between 1978 (when London Weekend changed its name to LWT) and 1986 (when the "river" ident was dropped and replaced with the "Genesis" LWT ident)... which means the film was originally broadcast sometime between those two years

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    Oh my goodness Princessboy, you’re absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! God no wonder it made me so sad! It sounds traumatising! �� It definitely must’ve stuck amongst the more light and fluffy animations that I would’ve been watching at the time. If you ever find that old VHS let me know! Mine may be up in the loft too gathering dust so one day maybe I could trawl through them and find it but we’ve literally got hundreds. How fascinating though, thanks again! It’s bugged me for years haha. Poor duck! Poor hedgehog too that she killed! Seems quite dark haha.

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    Default Re: Animated sad, short film about a duck, possibly BBC

    I vaguely remember it.

    Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: Animated sad, short film about a duck, possibly BBC

    If anyone happens to have a copy somehow, I'd love to see it again! What stuck with me is the feeling of sadness it gave me and it's the first time as a child I'd felt that feeling, probably why it stuck with me. I'd love to watch it again as an adult. If I ever find it (unlikely) I'll try and get it on YouTube!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twocky61 View Post
    I vaguely remember it.

    Thanks for the info
    Ah wow! I really thought I was the only one! What did you think? Do you remember what channel you saw it on?

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    Question Little Duck Blue Feather - if anyone can find any info or has a copy plz let me know!

    I posted before about this but couldn't work out how to edit the post (I'm not a regular user of this site but apparently you can't edit posts!) so I could add the title in, in case anyone else was curious or searching for the same thing!
    We discovered the title of the sad, duck animation I've been looking for for years was 'Little Duck Blue Feather', but there is little to no information about it online at all. It is listed on the BBC Genome site but there is no information about cast or credits. I even emailed the BBC (keen or what) and they have no further records of it either. We believe it was also shown on ITV and on LWT (London weekend television) in the late 80's. I saw it in the early 90's.
    Anyway it really stuck with me so I'd love to see it again!

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    Smile Re: Animated sad, short film about a duck, possibly BBC

    It has been uploaded to the Hugh M Hefner Moving Image Archive - this version is not dubbed in English, but the story is largely told through the visuals and music anyway, it doesn't miss much I think. Some very sad moments, and a beautiful tale.

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