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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    as a watcher of snooker for over 30 yrs ive seen so many players but one reason players such as ronnie and alex and even jimmy white are treated like gods is because they are controversial in both what they say and do on and off the table.

    for instance when alex headbutted ref len ganley and a magic moment when alex won in 1982 holding his baby girl gets me teary thinking of it,and 30 yrs later she visited the crucible which i just loved her doing.

    and ronnie going back at least 15 yrs when playing stephen hendry in the uk championship just quit his match with hendry when a few frames behind.

    alex and ronnie are crowd pleasers you could say flawed geniuses but bring so much pl
    easure where ever they play/did play
    They are my three favourite players by a mile .. oddly

    Iím not criticising people for worshipping celebs ( well maybe those who idolise talentless nonentities like the Kardashians ) ..

    I idolise a few footballers , few boxers ,a MotoGP rider , a speedway rider .. it just seems odd when I think about what they ACTUALLY do ...

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    Ah the 80s, when snooker was on primetime TV, everyone knew the snooker players and Darts players names.

    I remember when my parents bought us a snooker table, it was a scaled down one but still just about fit in the dining room (when we moved the dining table). We'd deliberately try and land shots against one cushion as the only way to play that was with the front half of a screw fit cue due to the wall position.

    Still, it was a step up from this which we had in the 70s:

    edit: ooops, didn't mean for the image to be that big!

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    I didn't know that Sid James played snooker.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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