I saw on YouTube some old programme about the number of minorities in Ealing, and they interviewed someone who would probably get locked up for his views nowadays. Back then it probably wouldn't have caused so much alarm, but these days one would risk prosecution for using such words. In the previous constituency I live in, there was a National Front candidate that stood in 1979, but since then, it had been void of anyone from the far-right.

Another thing that I don't like, regarding things like that: with regards to the far-right, one thing that bothers me is the phrase "British National" when used to refer to British citizens, and I am rather surprised that BBC News refers to British people overseas like that because I have always associated the phrase "British National" with the BNP, simply because I would associate the word "Conservative" with the Conservative Party, "Green" with the Green Party, and so on - that is the equivalent of those words, apart from the obvious alternatives that is.