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Thread: A Return To 70s Hammer/Amicus mayhem..

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    Default Re: A Return To 70s Hammer/Amicus mayhem..

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuggy14 View Post
    Donny has a swimming pool on his land, he can take a dip to cool off. Hopefully the beast is dying out now, i had my fleece on and a jumper today and i was still cold.
    I fear Nugs that the dropped palm seeds have destroyed my pool water. So no cooling off this summer..perhaps next.

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    Default Re: A Return To 70s Hammer/Amicus mayhem..

    Quote Originally Posted by Donald the Great View Post
    I didn't know about Australia having snow on mountains. Is it popular to go there? I mean are there resorts where you can ski etc, and is the snow seasonal or is it there all the time? That 38C 42C (Penrith) was caused by a unseasonable hot inland airflow from the inland to the coast. Oh yes. We have several resorts on our Snowy Mountains.. Snow in winter only. People hike there in the warmer months. Pretty much everything for all tastes in this great land of ours.

    If Vlad has sent the Beast, I think he needs to work on his guidance system as it doesn't seem very discrimatory.
    It hit a great deal of western Europe.. that was his plan to also punish NATO members. What a joke their political system. Any opposition to Vlad and they are banned from running. So he has a clear run to remain a dictator. Sorry to go all political. Yes staffslad of course it is Company of Wolves. You knew it all along didnt you. Where are your new ones or are you taking a break?

    Of course, the Snowy Mountains, I've heard of them, but oddly didn't associate them with having snow for some reason.

    Yes, Vlad is again elected...I think you could safely bet your house on that one happening. This year's World Cup is going to be very interesting......

    I'm going to post some more later today, so look out for them.

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