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Thread: A Return To 70s Hammer/Amicus mayhem..

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    Quote Originally Posted by staffslad View Post
    1. Five train passengers have their futures foretold by Dr Schreck using his tarot cards. When they arrive at their destination, they find out that they are all already dead and Dr Schreck is actually Death.

    2. That's the segment 'Creeping Vine'.

    3. That would be Bernard Lee and Jeremy Kemp.

    4. Think it was Neil McCallum.

    5. It is a coffin with Count Valdemar inside.
    Excellent. 100% staffslad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald the Great View Post
    John Bennett

    the deaths of previous owners


    Chloe performs voodoo magic on him.

    Ingrid Pitt.

    Tom Adams played Dominic. The rest are fine. Well done.

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    Vault of Horror...

    1. Who was the film's director?

    2. First Man: Good evening. The table d'hôte is rather nice, sir. Juice, soup, roast, sweet, coffee.

    Second Man: That'll be fine!

    Which was the segment?

    3. In one segment, two actors who were contemporaneously appearing in a very popular series of associated sitcoms on ITV appeared in similar roles. Can you name them?

    4. who played Terry-Thomas's new wife in one of the segments?

    5. What is Terry Thomas's character's fate in the segment?

    Good luck...

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