Does anyone remember something called WFLA which was presumably a "straight from the fridge" cool drink that was in coffee, mint choc, and hazelnut flavour. I assume that it was given that name as it sounds like an American radio station call sign.

I don't remember it - in fact, I had never heard of it, or it had been forgotten by me if I did. I thought I would ask on here to see if anyone remembers it, because I don't.

It must have appeared in the shops for a couple of months and disappeared again.

An old ad break from 1983 has just appeared on YouTube advertising this, and it had this female voice going "W-W-W". I vaguely remembered this, and was racking my brains because I do remember an advert where someone went "W-W-W", and I thought it could have been an advert for WH Smith or Woolworths or something - I know that it would have been from 1983-1984 from memory.

I suppose this could be regarded as "Adverts" as well as "Food and Drink", although I am actually referring to the product itself rather than the advertising of it.