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Thread: Anyone remember what the paraffin man's vehicle looked like 1970s?

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    Default Re: Anyone remember what the paraffin man's vehicle looked like 1970s?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hair Bear View Post
    From what I remember locally it was an Austin / Morris / Leyland FG series. The cab door could be opened within the width of the vehicle which made it easy for urban deliveries.
    I do remember a sort of elephant character called 'Pink Pongo'!
    Sorry to bump an old thread, but Oh my god, someone else remembers Pinkie Pongo!! There was a cartoon decal of him on the pump at the petrol station near my house when I was tiny, he used to fascinate me. I think he was used to advertise Pink paraffin. I had a badge of him that said 'Pink Makes a Pongo Happy.'

    just found this too:

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    Default Anyone remember what the paraffin man's vehicle looked like 1970s?

    Quote Originally Posted by goodtimes View Post
    So the paraffin man would come round in a vehicle with a big tank/dispenser on the back of his vehicle. He'd pump his horn and you'd grab a gallon plastic container, queue up at his vehicle in the street and get your container filled.

    Does anyone remember the type of vehicle used e,g. a Bedford or Leyland?? I would love to see a picture of one from the 1970s, but all my internet searches have only come up with earlier vehicles which looked just like a van. The paraffin vehicles from the 1970s I remember were more like pick up trucks with a big tank/dispenser on the back. I know time plays tricks on your memory but it wasn't a closed van type of vehicle.

    Share your memories, but better still point us all in the direction of a picture

    As I mentioned earlier .. it was our family business !!

    My grandad was THE paraffin man in the Bury area 1940s onwards then his two sons ( my dad and my uncle) took the reigns in the 50s .. my dad and mum took their share of the business and invested it in their own Esso station ( petrol and car repairs ) .

    Anyways 68 onwards I used to work a few hours a week on my uncles paraffin Van .. he drove and Id be the door to door runner getting the orders taking them back to their house and collecting the money ..

    They were transit sized vans with the back doors chopped off so the back was completely open .. shelves down both sides and a kinda product display area .. paraffin was the main thing obviously but we also sold chopped wood , charcoal , dish cloths . disinfectant , soap , scourers , tin openers , light bulbs similar items .

    The best bit apart from the pay ( and tips ) was I got to sit / ride on the back flap of the van .. I perfected getting off a moving van

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