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Thread: Filling Station Freebies

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    I can recall the last ever time we got Green Shield Stamps - it was the day before my 12th Birthday - April 15th 1989, from a Petrol station on the edges of Mansfield, Notts

    Obviously because that day was the day of the Hillsborough Disaster and Mansfield being pretty near in proximity - it is something that sadly stays/sticks in your mind


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    Not sure if they came from petrol stations but I have a World Cup 90 coin and a teenage mutant ninja turtles coin from about the same time. The 1970 football coins made me think mine might have come from a petrol station but by then the freebies were dying out so maybe not. Maybe it was a newspaper. Can anybody verify?
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    Quote Originally Posted by staffslad View Post
    In 1970 one filling station chain...Shell?...gave away coins with the heads of that year's England World Cup squad on them. I think they were in little packets so you didn't know which one you were getting.
    Ah yes, yet another thing for me to beef about. Hah, wish these had been Shells giveaways. No, these were from Esso petrol stations, and they were hugely collected boys of a certain age in 1970. There was even a card mount you could get to display them all on.

    And my beef ?

    Ah, my father would not go to the Esso petrol station. Oh no. He insisted on going to the Shell one - as it was cheaper.

    This really annoyed me as it meant I had nothing to swap like all the other kids, so all I had were the doubles (you know, those ones that came up again and again) that were discarded by those whose fathers all went to the Esso garage.

    It was the same with the Tiger tails (Esso I bet) and the WWF (World Wildlife fund, not wrestlng) 3D animal cards.

    Bloody typical.

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