I am inspired by this weekends happenings at Sunderland to make this thread here -0 not as I ever ever thought I would again see the day a truly great "legend of English Footballing Club Heritage" would ever return to the 3rd Level as Sunderland sadly did yesterday for only the 2nd time in 30 years and the 2nd time in their 130 year history

I know no Team is invincible in this respect but Sunderland until the 1950 was known as the Bank Of England and it is a travesty that Ellis Short has let this sceario occur I think - to such a great name of English Football

I know others have been to to the 3rd Level - Leicester and Leeds for the first times ever (good solid 1990s-early 200s Teams) and Wolves have had 2 spells *** too have Derby - abliet one was many moons back and Middlesbrough have had 2 visits there - 1 in the 60s and one in the 80s as too did Man City in 1999 and Charlton, Norwich and Sheff Wed too but this one will take some getting over for me with Sunderland - it even eclipses Blackburn as 1995 Premier Champions being in Leauge 1 currently in spectacular terms for me

I am at terrible poains to say this (and I truly hope I am wrong and am sorry to any Sunderland Fans looking in), but I fear this time next year we'll be talking about them in Leauge 2 even - the mess they now find themselves in - not as I wish this on them, but also back onto the orginal inspiration of my thread, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Portsmouth, Preston NE and Wolves have all landed in the Bottom Tier at one point or another and Bolton was the only one of the cluster to haave one season there (iun 1987/88) I think, so yer I can see based on all this and the present happenings Sunderland's next call being there sadly - though I truly dearly hope I am wrong here.