Hi, new here. I'm trying to find out what the name of a children's show was called. Searched for hours online but to no avail.

I watched it at school on tape, think it was around 1989-92 that I saw it, one series that I know of. It was live action, not a cartoon.

It involved a girl who tried to restore the flashing-object thing (I'm not sure what to call it) that was important to the land after it had become corrupted in some way and had negatively affected the rest of the land.

In the last episode her and a bad guy were in the same room and the object (which was fixed to the ground) was flashing faster and faster and making increasingly rapid electronic-whooping noises.

The bad guy gave her an ultimatum to let him have what he wanted before the object exploded automatically.

She tried to figure out what to do but whatever she said, the bad guy would say "but you can't/musn't do that" as he would then gain some form of malevolent power over the land, or attempting to remove the corruption would cause the object to explode and the land be destroyed.

As time was running out, she decided that she wasn't prepared to let him have what he wanted as she was in a catch-22 situation and he looked on in shock as they turned towards the object just before it appeared to explode.

However it was still intact and everything was back to normal.

Can anyone work out what the show was called? Thank you for any help in advance.