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    Does anyone remember Crown Cup Coffee? I have been looking at the UK Press Online archive and have come across some adverts for the aforementioned product. It seemed to have been launched in around 1963, but I assume that it was still being made in the early 1970s. The references and advertising tail off towards the end of the 1960s, although I would assume that it would have had a more low key profile in the following decade.

    It was made by Brooke Bond and I assume that it represented their main brand of coffee at the time just as much as PG Tips was to their brand of tea.

    From the illustrations that I can see, the jars look very similar to Maxwell House, and I assumed that it was Maxwell's predecessor. However, I noticed that Maxwell House was already going strong when Crown Cup was launched. I am certain that Nescafe was already going by then as well, although I am mostly a tea drinker rather than coffee.

    I have a feeling that it has been forgotten in time by everyone.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Done a quick google and found a picture of a jar of crown coffee . Unfortunately the picture is on a well known photo housing site so not able to borrow it without permission.The jar had distinctive ribbing around the bottom. The bit that rings a bell is the red screw on cap I assume metal with a white crown on it. But I may of seen it somewhere else perhaps car boot sale or browsing something else.

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