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Thread: Your favourite 1 song - from each decade DYR covers

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    Default Your favourite 1 song - from each decade DYR covers

    If you can only pick one - like on Castaway Island etc - what'd they be?

    Though you can add eqaul ones if you want and alter your thoughts too every so often if your song mood changes too, like I have done

    Mine at the moment - would be:

    1960s - The Seekers - I'll never Find Another You

    1970s Don McClean American Pie in equal position with Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles

    1980s (now this' really tough), but it's probably again equal between Bonnie Tyler with Total Eclipse Of The Heart, and The Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield with In Private and Tear For Fears and Everyone Wants To Rule The World (which by shear strangeness was a good song accompnied with a good video for the song - which is highly unusual normaly I think)

    1990s (admitted music started to go down the Pan totaly, but there was a few non-descript memorable (sort of hits .... and more so after 1995), but based on The Brit Pop Revolution it's a tie again for me between Oasis and Don't Look Back In Anger - Aka Sally Can Wait and Blur Bitter Sweet Sympothny and Jarvis with Disco 2000 - though it was made 5 years before 200, which seemed crackers at the time I thought

    Though for personal memories I think Don't Look Back In Anger shades the other 2 ......... just, as well as the fact I guess Oasis' bad press was justified and may still even be but for me you can say what you want but after The Beatles era etc - talk about Guitaring - Oasis was the best, even though many only term them mediocre at best - their Guitar work still is some of the best in the last 18-25 years I think and especialy compared to the one-hit wonders of these days and the singers who just dordle and/or run their finger along on it to create a bit of a vibe!

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    Default Re: Your favourite 1 song - from each decade DYR covers

    I had run out of time as was had to check it out, but I knew that one of Oasis' Songs started idenical to John Lennon's Imagine and it was Don't Look BackIn Anger and as someone once said about Football Managers and trying to be "the new who-ever" not as I think Oasis was trying to copy John and Imagine but to get it so perfect as a new song but have that vibe - just for not a minute is credit in my opinion how good that Guitar Work was - as could arguably be said about people like Duffy and Amy Winehouse having that "1960s Vibe" where the songs sound "rusty" (so to say for want of a better word) like some 60s songs still do!!!


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