Trying to find out about a kids show I remembering seeing in the early 90s on either BBC1/BBC2 as I don't remember any adverts during the program.

Set in an old wooden house on the edge of a cliff, the final/credits image was usually of the house. The house itself was perched on a kind of outcrop next to the cliff edge, if you've ever played Skyrim think College Of Winterhold and you get the idea

It revolved around a man called Mr B/Bee? And his female assistant/friend? Living in said House

House was "sentient" but not alive/moving, on command it could drop items down a small chute, upon which Mr B would usually remark "thank you House"

I know I've seen the actor who played Mr B in other things, I do remember him as a tallish but not slim man, maybe late 40s early 50s (at the time), greying hair, and facially wise looked a bit like Patrick Troughton but definitely wasn't him.
After doing some research I'm almost certain it was John Ringham, but I could be wrong as his IMDB page offers no clues

The program did also have a story cutaway segment for each episode, usually read/introduced by Mr B, his assistant or a guest (I think they had Su Pollard on there at some point but I could be wrong)

Also this could be me miss remembering it but part of me seems to remember this was part of a program like Words & Pictures which rotated it's "setting" for each episode every now and again, however I could be completely off the mark on that front.

Lastly again I could be mis remembering again but we had a couple of episodes recorded on VHS (sadly can't find it anymore) but i seem to remember on the same VHS rape we had recordings of The Herbs, which would have been recorded roughly around the same time so if anyone can remember when that was re-run in the 90s on tv it might help narrow it down!