The threads about blood transfusion reminded me of my stay in hospital back in 1988 - exactly 30 years ago. I was to have a scheduled and successful operation in hospital (and a second one to stop it from bleeding - a very long story), and I remember staying in the children's ward at the time with the TV set in the ward watching various programmes. And the wristband with my six digit hospital number which I thought at the time was the hospital's telephone number. I was in there for three days before I was discharged.

Anyway, one thing that I do remember was the hospital bed - a great metal grey thing on small casters with "cot bumpers" on the sides to stop the patient from falling out of bed and doing themselves even more damage, although they would be in the right place to put it right again more or less. What I did remember was the brand name "Hoskins" on the top of it, which seemed to be the company that made and supplied patients' beds to hospital wards, and I also noticed the name cropping up in hospital ward scenes on dramas and documentaries although I knew very little about them otherwise - for example, I wondered why they didn't make ordinary beds that one would see in department stores like Wades during the January sales. I almost assumed that they were connected with the actor Bob Hoskins or something!

Does anyone remember the Hoskins name on their beds from staying in hospital in the 1980s and 1990s? They seemed to be synonymous with hospital beds.