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Thread: Louise Brown - the world's first test tube baby

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    Default Louise Brown - the world's first test tube baby

    This was indeed a world event, but it is also a Happy Birthday as well, and as I was born 1978 myself (as well as Richard and one or two other DYR members), I thought that it deserved a special mention. Yes, it was a world event and not a Happy Birthday thread in that sense.

    I often thought that it was quite fitting that the world's first test tube baby was born so close to my own birth (36 days in fact), and I suppose that Louise Brown was probably the best known baby to have been born in 1978 - never mind all of these sports and actors who were born then that are listed on Wikipedia (i.e. Katie Price, Suranne Jones and Jodie Kidd).

    I doubt that hardly anyone on here remembers it then (certainly not those born in 1978 itself), but apart from the grainy film footage that is seen in Robert Winston Horizon-alike documentaries, it is such a piece of both history in human biology, and the fact our generation has had the pleasure of sharing this unique event is such a lovely thing. When was the next time we had such an amazing birth that made history? Possibly the Walton sextuplets in 1983 I assume.

    I do wish her a very happy 40th birthday (only 36 days until I reach my own...)
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Default Re: Louise Brown - the world's first test tube baby

    The equipment used in the implantation is on display at Manchester Museum of Science & Industry.

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    Default Re: Louise Brown - the world's first test tube baby

    At the time, it seemed almost miraculous, yet 40 years on it is now commonplace.

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    Default Re: Louise Brown - the world's first test tube baby

    Hi George

    Am I correct in guessing you mean the Girl who provided the picture of Jesus (or at least i always believed it was Jesus). Sorry in advance if I am wrong here and in my further reply/paragraphs

    If so this picture scared me wittless - though i do attened Church and am religous it still scaredme crazy if so (and in-particular) when the Station went into Closedown like on Johnny Briggs in the mid 80s as like I discovered too by becoming scared witless by getting into High "un-chartered numbers" on Ceefax or Teletext (Re circa 1990)


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