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Thread: Anyone remember the name of this tamagotchi or tamagotchi rip-off?

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    Default Anyone remember the name of this tamagotchi or tamagotchi rip-off?

    Hey! Long shot, but can anyone remember owning a tamagotchi or a digital pet which was shaped like a house where you cared for a girl. This girl couldn't die, but if you didn't feed her her hair got all messy and she got really ugly. She really messed me up as a kid, got real scared of her when I forgot to feed her xD

    Thanks a bunch if anyone can help!

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    Default Re: Anyone remember the name of this tamagotchi or tamagotchi rip-off?

    Hope this helps.

    Pixel Chix are interactive electronic games based on teenage girls, and an associated franchise. They are very similar to Tamagotchi in that they have an LCD screen and controlling buttons, although they are larger. They were first released in 2005 by Mattel, forming an important part of their earnings that year.[1] Based in a miniature house, in the house, there is a lounge, kitchen and dining area, with steps leading upstairs. There are three different types of houses; a pink one, a blue one, and a yellow one. There are also three different pixel girls in each house.

    In the game, two or more houses can be connected, allowing the characters (the Pixel Chix) to visit one another.[2] These characters can be controlled in ways similar to other hand-held games, such as Tamagotchi. They can be told to go for a walk, watch television, eat a variety of foods, such as popcorn and hamburgers, and go to sleep. The more they are played with, the more options appear to the player; higher levels introduce different types of food, more outfits and more games to play. However; if they are ignored, they will decrease in skill level. Eventually, if ignored for too long, the game will "end" since the characters "leave" (The pixel friend saying "Hey, I thought you were my friend! Where have you been?" and making a "funny face" before she leaves). Although, they can come back by resetting the game using a mini screwdriver into a reset hole. Nevertheless, in the two-story house, no matter how long they are neglected, they still remain happy in your house with your level skills kept the same (Unless "DeBugged" by pressing the "Yes" button, the "Food" button and the "Go Out" button). The story is based and shown on the Internet of women living in an all-female college and fashionable poses, beginning with a house, then mate's connection and following with cars and babysitting. In 2009, Mattel discontinued the brand. The Pixel Chix are all voiced by Tara Strong, the voice actor of Twilight Sparkle, except "Miss Sporty" who is voiced by Katherine Von Till.

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    Default Re: Anyone remember the name of this tamagotchi or tamagotchi rip-off?

    I remember the ads for Pixel Chix, but haven't ever seen one for real.
    The Trickster On The Roof

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