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Thread: Trials and tribulations of fashions you went through?

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    Default Trials and tribulations of fashions you went through?

    I hope it's ok to add, but feel that I must before I continue this thread, that though yeah there is similar threads, that I must admitt that this thread is inspired by trying out some new Hair Gel and was created very geneticly in mind over an extremley broad span pof things - remembering that upoon useing Hair Gel tonight - this is one thingIi only use on special, special occasions or did - that only on occasions and other like minded fashion and fashion products etc that are in/get in use, but it got me around to thinking - like with the "old Windrunner" and Farrahs etc -even just popping out down the "Youth Club" or like when I was 18 I started going to my Man Old Man's/Grandafather's Club (though I shall not say which political allegeance it is/was), but it was perhaps the only decent thing my Father did for me at the age of coming of age (as was chosen as 18 for me, before Friday and saturday and then every other Clubbing Night exploded circa late 90s) which of course required a degree of dress sense like "casual office attire", but which fashions including (if so these 2 above did you go through) in any aspect of life - from a man or woman's stance too

    Even dow to like your first Job - everyone recalls like Graham Taylor RIP and el Tel "Terry Venables" wearing those semi-outragous pastrol wavy ties in the mid 90s which even Mr Robson on Grange Hilla dapted for a short-ish period. Perhaps that was your Tie of choice, or did you lady's go for a Lisa Stansfield hair-do in your first Job/first few days to make an impression

    Either way it all has me thinking - I mean look too at Rodders on Only Fools and the James dean "look" and Uncle albert said "was that before the Crash or after", but it it regadless is immortal in time and always will be thought of (but with slight alterings over the years) from Jeans and Leather Jacket and Plain White T, but going back as far as the Legend that was the great James Dean and Don McClean's referencing of him in American Pie - even then John travolta took over his style as i am sure others did in interweaving periods

    Thanks for any iimputs and thoughts and poinions etc etc over such a vast area of how this gene of Fashion can apply here, that you guys and gals may have here

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    Default Re: Trials and tribulations of fashions you went through?

    I'm afraid I did not follow fashion(s) - why would I want to look like anyone else?
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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    Default Re: Trials and tribulations of fashions you went through?

    I couldn't believe that I used to wear shell suits in the early 1990s - these days, it would look like a parody of Baxter from Grange Hill or someone trying to train for the assault course round on The Krypton Factor.

    Pity that I was too young to remember when flares were fashionable - I have always thought of them being out of date.

    Why indeed would anyone want to look like anyone else? - At the end of the day, we are all individuals of ourselves, and even identical twins and doppelgangers are.

    I do wish that judges and barristers would stop wearing those wigs that went out of fashion at the end of the 18th century though.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Default Re: Trials and tribulations of fashions you went through?

    Strictly jeans and tee shirt man here

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