I have been gaming for a looong time. I played the early FPSs, Wolfenstien, then Doom, the Quake (all in the HS to early college years). Unreal Tournamnet took up later parts of college (betwixt Tekken 2/3 and FFVII). Never, in all that time did I ever experience motion sickness. Fast forward to my early 30s and I start to move back from console to PC games. I start picking up things I had missed. Portal, fun, Half-Life 2 holy **** I think of am dying after about 30 minutes. 30+ more minutes shitting my guts out on the toilet while sweating profusely. (Massive vasovagal reaction). Tweak some settings, and I can make it about 45 minutes before I want to just die.Now all modern games I get in front of, I have issues, I hit up a few tweaks and then I can play for long periods of time. What has changed in the interviewing 20 years? Video games, or my body's ability to handle them? I wondered this tonight as I got the early statues of sickness playing DOOM for more than 15 minutes. I'll tweak the FOV the tomorrow and hope its helps. Is this a biological thing, or a technological one?

Please help.

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