I bought this amazing game earlier today. Played it for a few hours probably, then all of sudden my PC crashed. Had to hard shutdown the PC. Game keeps crashing now shortly after I boot the game up and it gets to the main menu. Here's what happens, I can hear a click from my tower unit then after a few seconds the pc crashes. I have learned that if I alt-tab out quick enough after I hear the click I can save it from crashing/overheating, then I can see the temp go down rapidly using afterburner, only when alt-tabbed out though. I can then alt-tab back into the game and will see the temp rise rapidly then it will crash if I dont alt-tab back out. The alt-tab process only works a few times then the game usually crashes while I can still hear sound. Most of the time it full-on crashes, requiring a hard reset. I can run other games fine with no problems btw. I have done a lot of research and found a few people with similar problems but none that explained it as well as I just have. So, I am hoping there will be a fix because this game is awesome!!

Please help.

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