Heya everyone,

Check out this classic adult contemporary tune that I just remembered the other day. I had discovered this on a trip to America's New York City in the early 90's, and had the urge to hear this after all these years. Was curious to see if it was out there in cyber world anywhere, so I didn't have to go digging for my old import vinyl LP. I was super shocked to see that this artist reissued the ENTIRE album for digital download!

The artist was Helene Matalon, and she was pretty popular for a short time locally in the New York area of the US back in the very early 90's (1990/91 time frame) with this tune here called "Imaginary Lover" on adult contemporary stations in that market.

I went and bought the entire vinyl LP while I was there at the time, which I thought was a lost to time rarity, but lo and behold, here it is reissued! I wish I could find it on physical CD. But check out this tune, it still sounds great today! This was the true sound of late 80's and early 90's adult contemporary radio!