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Thread: What is mock goose?

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    Default What is mock goose?

    I found mock goose on the menu for a fee paying boarding school from 1991. My mother thinks that it is a wartime recipe although it could be older from a time when goose was commonly eaten at Christmas. An internet search has revealed a diversity of recipes - at least one of which is vegetarian - so it's almost impossible to tell which of these were served by the school.

    Has anybody ever encountered mock goose?

    There was no mock turtle soup on the menu although there was the mysterious waldorf pudding as served on the Titanic.

    The school has no idea what the recipes for both items were as they don't maintain records of old menus and recipes.

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    Default Re: What is mock goose?

    As we have just had the annual Goose Fair a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering whether there could be connection with that and Mock Goose - perhaps it was something that was served at the fair (just like the traditional hotdogs and all that these days) during the early part of the 20th century? It makes me think that there is an obvious connection there regarding goose.

    I have to add that I always went home at lunchtime and never stayed for school dinners, and so I don't know whether my school had that on the menu.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Default Re: What is mock goose?

    is it a goose that takes the p out of other geeses/gooses/gice?.......sorry

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