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Thread: Video v DVD - making the transition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zincubus View Post
    You may find some “home movies “

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    I've heard that's why some charity shops didn't accept non-pre-recorded tapes even years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard1978 View Post
    I managed to pick up some from my local Tesco's VHS exchange table, which mostly had pre-recorded tapes but also some home recorded ones.

    So far I've only had time to look through 1, some fairly interesting stuff but nothing really amazing yet.
    I have been there and "bought the T Shirt, and worn it" though not literally lol) , but had moderate sucess with this kind of idea about 6 to 8 years a-go from a Total wreck of a charity shop that had been broken into many many times beyond words - which I sorley miss even though in my Home Town we are getting a new Library there in it's place - it certainly was a "gem of qa place to bargain hunt" and i gave more Footy Mags and other non-descript acrewed Mags there than anyone could imagine before it's imminent closure and move to a Neighbouring City

    They often aggled a great bargain with you too and never mind - that is where I bought a very hard to find "Duty Free Box Set" from - but as I don't use my Video for playing that much now - I just like to a-crew old loved TV Programmes on Box Set's for Ornimental Reasons to show the "appreciation of time" if you will and as we have a bit of mold here the idea may not harbourr well in collaberation with playing t on my Machine - but they all look good in theiir Box sets so why not

    Also upon a few finds in the same shop I found (contary to how I have asked on here before) a taping of a Horse Film - but not the ledegendary Black Beauty and some Xmas clippings of advertising programmes from 1989 including a segment of the Bread Special's Advert. Regarding the Horse Film (with no words - if that helps!!) I spent all one May Day Bank Holiday Morning Watching that - it was so long, which makes me certain it was'nt Black Beauty

    On a sadder note too - I have lost many good recording's myself on the reverse route - like EastEnders - Ian and Mel's Wedding Night 1999 and Barry and Paul going to Scotland for Barry's wedding to Janine Circa 2003 and recall-ing Ronnie Williams' Angels being played in the Car, on it as the drove there as well too as many other Comedy's besides!


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