I was wondering whether posts can have both the date and time mentioned on them as soon as they are submitted? Sometimes it can be difficult to remember (ironically enough) when a recent post was submitted on a thread because it says "two weeks ago" rather than the actual date. On other forums the date and time format is automatically used. I like to keep track when it comes to when I posted something.

Mind you, thinking about it, what is the correct time to someone in one place is a different time to another - for example, when we put the clocks forward in March and back in October (which incidentally was when I made my very first batch of posts in 2017). As well as overseas members such as Donald the Great and those in the United States who might not see their local time on this website unless it is given from their computer clock. Indeed, I have seen other forums where the time is an hour out either way, and when the time is corrected due to clocks going back or forwards, one tends to get used to the fact that it is an hour out - perhaps that is an argument against this view?

Despite all that, does anyone actually think that displaying the actual date and time on postings as soon as they are made a good idea?