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Thread: Any historic events the day you were born?

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    Default Any historic events the day you were born?

    Well? Anything else historic happened the day you were born ( other than your birth of course )

    I cannot find anything notable that happened in the day i was born ( 21/8/1975 ).. I only found that one day earlier NASA launched the Viking 1 space probe toward Mars

    Maybe this is the reason why i like astronomy so much?

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    Sea Gem, a North Sea oil rig, collapsed the day after I was born - nothing major on the day itself ( 26.12 65 ).
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    Yeah, Massachusetts by the Bee Gees was No. 1 in the charts.

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    The US Army charged 14 men with surpressing info regarding the atrocity at My Lai.
    Lee marvin was at No.1 with 'Wandrin' Star'.

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    Dunno about news..but "Michelle" by the Overlanders was No.1

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    Default Re: Any historic events the day you were born?

    On 23-06-1967

    Mohawk Airlines flight 40 crashed killing all 34 of its passengers.
    Whiter shade of pale topped the charts.
    President Lydon B. Johnson meets Soviet Premier Alekseo Kosygin for the Glassboro summit.
    US Senate censured Thomas J. Dodd (D-Ct) for misusing campaign funds.

    And thats about it lol

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    Default Re: Any historic events the day you were born?

    March 21 1966 - the first United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
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    Default Re: Any historic events the day you were born?

    Hurricane Cindy - September 15-20, 1963

    This cyclone formed within 200 nm of the Texas coastline on the 16th
    of September. Rapidly becoming a small hurricane, despite a poor radar
    signature, it made landfall in the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange Golden
    Triangle on the 17th, before turning to the left and paralleling the coast
    to the southwest. Below is the track of this cyclone, which used data
    provided by the National Hurricane Center.

    well not sure if its kool, but this is what happend on the day i was born....

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    Default Re: Any historic events the day you were born?

    1971,three soviet astronauts are found dead in spacecraft after retturn to earth,cause of death unknowen
    and one realy intresting piece on new,s sesame street is banned by the B.B.C (it all happend in 1971)
    kernow bys vyken

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    Default Re: Any historic events the day you were born?

    Moeses parted the Red Sea or was that the next week-end?
    The eyes have it!

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