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Thread: It was all right in the 1970's

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    Default It was all right in the 1970's

    hope its ok to put this thread on the forum even though its about the seventies it was made in the 2000's.

    I watch it all the time and some of the views and opinions on subjects it quit incredible looking back.
    But in there time it was allowed.

    Of course there are outrageously funny shocking things to they show on the show.

    Some of the risky things they did on tv kid shows etc.

    Does any other members watch it.

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    Default Re: It was all right in the 1970's

    They did a 1960s and 1980s one too!
    All good IMO.

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    Default Re: It was all right in the 1970's

    There was one scene in the programme (It was alright in the 1970s), where a man threw himself on top of a women to protect her from an explosion. They seemed shocked watching it. Obviously, they did not live through, or remember the I.R.A. campaign through that period. That happened multiple times, more-so when there was a shooting. I well remember an incident where a soldier wrapped himself around one or two young girls to protect them from a grenade that had been thrown. He died in the resulting explosion, the girl(s) survived. While there certainly was some moments in the show that would raise a couple of eyebrows/questions now, they also need to remember the time in question.
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