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Thread: RIP Peter Tork (The Monkeys)

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    Default RIP Peter Tork (The Monkeys)

    Peter Tork - yet another legend of what I feel was the best band (men wise) of the 60s on a equal footing with The Seekers has passed on on Feb 21st caged 77 years old

    Though The Monkeys could never of re-united minus Dave from Manchester, now it is just too too sad to think any slight whatever remote chance of another 1-off concerrt/or a few songs can ever happen, because to me that is how The Monkey's was back in the day - just too unique for Words/describing!

    They'll never be another Monkey's Group - all 60s Music was epic to me but the likes of The Monkeys and The Seekers were pivotal in the progression of music and the impact that followed (more so too as one of the first ever Boy Bands) too

    RIP Peter Tork

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    Default Re: RIP Peter Tork (The Monkeys)

    Very sad news about Peter Tork. I can just about remember watching The Monkees TV series, and I enjoyed their musical interludes. Yes, only two band members still with us now. So sad. RIP Peter Tork.

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    Default Re: RIP Peter Tork (The Monkeys)

    Very sad news to hear.
    R i p peter.

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    Default Re: RIP Peter Tork (The Monkeys)

    I always thought that the Monknees were to the 1960s what the Bay City Rollers to the 1970s, etc...… ...and what One Direction was to the 2010s.

    Last Word on Radio 4 played a snippet of Daydream Believer as a tribute towards the end of the programme last week - a song that you always think of their "signature tune" as a group.

    I have always wondered why sometimes you get the "7A" thing mentioned by the group prior to Daydream... starting, and why you don't most of the time?
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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