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Thread: Watching Football scores on Teletext

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    Default Watching Football scores on Teletext

    I had gottan around to thinking of this last night upon watching Back In Time For school, I can just about recall Bradford City getting to the Premier Leauge in May 1999 while watching "live updates" (internet esquire versions) in how all the fixtures constantly updated and possibly segmants of Tables too

    I can recall 1996 (though not on Telext .... but live on Grandstand whatever it was and may-be the Radio at 2 friends' House) when Newcastle Utdlooked "home and dry" for the Title and even had a chance in the last few weeks (results pending) after King Kev's Famous Outburst at Fergie!

    Moving on a bit further I can just about recall (on a similar level) Wimbledon - Pre AFC Wimbledon appointing Egil Olsen has boss after Joe Kinnear's illness and thinking "how can they do this" and at least hire an experienced-ish boss not a un-known as Egil was before and after his ill-attempted Wimbledon stint and " I was walking down this street and thought wow, they could seriously go down out of the Prem .... ok as if, I will believe it if and when it happens", then a few weeks later low and behold this preumition came true ... as I was walking round a Museum May Bank Holiday 99, but of course having no knowledge through Internet (though it was going then - it was only the Internet in it's Infancy) ... and to bring the story/my thread full circle - who was it that condemmed the Wmbles to the 2nd tier!!?

    Exactly yes - Bradford did " a Huddersfield" like Huddersfield did last Season (17/18) by gaining points from Man City and I think Chelsea, but it was way way more tricky with only 1 game for either doom or gloom for Bradford with amazingly tricky opposition in Liverpool (abliet at Valley Parade, who I think in fairness to Liverpool, nobody gave Bradford a chance and Wimbledon had a much easier run in where they should've got enough points and then ultimatley their drawn out-dimise that dragged on until 2003/04and them being robbed of a Leauge Team/Club by letting MK Dons in through buying their way as they did!


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    Default Re: Watching Football scores on Teletext

    On a sub-note I have not mentioned Re;, this thread I made - I kept a video of Granstand taped live (or should I say by adding that Special un-reliable code that Newspapers and TV Guides gave in the mid 90s) of one Saturday Afternoon's Final Score from I think season 1994/95 that stayed with me through many moves until the tape got eaten up aroubnd circa 1998/199!


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    Default Re: Watching Football scores on Teletext

    I can remember keeping teletext on the whole afternoon between 3 and 5 every saturday when in my uncles or at home.

    Just stood or sat there watching to see scores change.

    That was when all games kicked off at 3pm. Or most did.

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