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Thread: The Murder Of Jill Dando

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    Default The Murder Of Jill Dando

    Did Anyone Watch This The Other Night On BBC 1? i did it was quite intense and interesting to watch.


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    Default Re: The Murder Of Jill Dando

    I didn't watch it because I just feel that despite the 20th anniversary of her murder is this month, I would have preferred to let the woman rest in peace, and to respect her family and friends. I just would have felt that there would be too much speculation as to who killed her. Remember, this was not a game of Cluedo or some guessing game - it wasn't Colonel Mustard who did it, or Jack the Ripper. I want to think of Dando as someone who did some good while she was alive - her stint as a Crimewatch presenter would be her legacy because she was helping solve crime and making society a lot safer as a result - the fact that Dando was the only person to have both presented Crimewatch and had also been featured in one of the reconstructions as a victim. I want to think of her as a talented person on the television and not as a murder victim.

    I sometimes tune into BBC Radio Bristol and online, and I sometimes hear her brother Nigel Dando on the air - I think that he is continuing her memory as a broadcaster and that is very important that he does that. Her legacy also extends to him as well. Managed to get a signed photograph of Dando in late 1998, writing c/o TV Centre London W12 etc, just a few months before she was killed - out of my collection, she was the first person to have died since I started collecting autographs at the start of 1997. I did read on Ceefax news in late 1999 that there were mentions that her correspondence would be examined to look for clues to her killer.

    Now, admittedly, I did write to her in 1998, and I was so concerned about this that I telephoned the BBC in London to explain about my concern as I was so concerned in case someone official had come across the letter that I sent to her in late 1998, but the person on the other end said that lots of people had written to her in the late 1990s, and most of the correspondence would be purely innocent, but I did get very worried and even guilty - after all, being asked for one's autograph is indeed an "occupational hazard" if one happens to be famous.

    I for one was appalled with the fact that the person who had originally been found guilty of her murder in July 2001 (who I will not name on here) had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, and as a person diagnosed with the condition myself, I really felt really disgusted and appalled that those with the condition could automatically make comparisons that people like myself are criminals by those who know very little about it - this was of course, around the same time that the News of the World named and shamed anyone who happened to look like, and have a namesake with a child abuser - cue riots on council estates, bricks through windows, etc. I even fell out with the National "Autism" Society (I hate using the word "autistic") because of it, simply because I said that I didn't want Asperger Syndrome being associated with crime - a long story which I won't go into on here. I feel so strongly about it, and I hope that I can write this on here without any trouble.

    I was concerned that Jo Cox's killing in 2016 would have been like a political equivalent of the Dando murder, and speculation about the killer having various conditions, etc. Likewise, someone who was stabbed to death in my old area in December 2016 who was in the same class as me at school for our first six years of school life - now he was, what I would regard as my local area's equivalent of the Dando or Cox murder as I knew him from my school days - we had exactly the same teachers, and no one else could ever say that - he was the first person that I have known personally to be killed.

    To quote that "In Hindsight" thread, modern life is indeed very scary.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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