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Thread: RIP Ian Macdonald Falklands MOD Spokesman

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    I was very sad to hear that Ian Macdonald, the bespectacled MOD spokesman during the Falklands war, had passed away at age 82. During the conflict, he was seen daily on TV giving news and information to the media. His tone was calm, measured and authoritive, whether presenting good or bad news. He had a gravitas that made people have confidence in what he said, in contrast to the bombastic rhetoric and outright lies that came from the Argentinian junta. He was certainly one of the most familiar faces on TV during that few months in 1982, yet I have read that he was glad to step out of the limelight and resume his normal duties when the war ended. RIP Ian Macdonald.

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    I always think of Simon Weston as being a "spokesman" when it comes to the Falklands war, as he is usually the person who does the interviews on the event.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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