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Thread: Really obscure reference!

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    Default Really obscure reference!

    Hi all,

    New to the forums, so thanks for having me!

    I've had one word from a TV show I watched when I was kid going round in my head for what seems like years and I've only just found this website - thought I'd see if anyone could shed any light.

    It was a cartoon, likely from the early to mid-90s - I was born in '85 so that would be about right.

    The only thing I remember is a very strange line - said by a Turkey!

    "Gobble gobble, could I just have a little sniff of the honey, please?"

    Weird, sorry.


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    Default Re: Really obscure reference!

    Could be Will Quack Quack who had a turkey friend that said "gobble gobble" quite a lot?

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