The BBC's first female newsreader Nan Winton died on Saturday 11th May 2019 at the age of 93 after complications from a recent fall - only just found the news on the front page of the BBC News website.

Most people think of Anna Ford or even Moira Stuart as being one of Britain's first female newscasters but Winton was with the BBC Television service from 1960 onwards in addition to being a continuity announcer for the service. She moved to ITN by the mid 1970s before retiring. She was a name who had been forgotten by more recent people, but she had started her career around the same time as Michael Aspel and Judith Chalmers did. ITN may have had Ford, but the BBC got there first with their female newscaster.

I actually thought that she had passed away many years ago to be honest, probably because I am confusing her with someone else. I also keep thinking that she was related to the late Dale Winton because of her surname - perhaps I am confusing her with Dale's mother Sheree Winton who had committed suicide back in 1975?

Winton was someone who made television history for all the obvious reasons - does anyone remember her on television or even radio, as I heard that she might have done some reading the news on Radio 2?