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    As there is an Alison Bettles thread on here, I thought, why not have a Simone Hyams thread as well?

    She was born in October 1971 and was famous of course for being Calley Donnington in Grange Hill for seven series - whether Michael Winner ever said "calm down, dear" to her at least once, we will probably never know.

    Was it me or was her series 11 and 12 (aka 1988 and 1989 series) appearances were a lot more interesting than her appearances in series 8 to 10 (1985-1987) and 13 and 14 (1990-1991)? I have a feeling that the 1988 Calley would have got into Hot Water a la Trisha Yates if she had appeared like that the first series ten years earlier.

    Robbie Wright was such a very lucky boy to have Calley as a girlfriend - cute. And it was good of her to fix the Danny Kendall memorial plaque into the ground as well.

    Oh well...

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