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Thread: Cartoon from the 80's?

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    Hi there. I thought this was a Hannah Barbera cartoon, but cannot find it listed, so maybe someone can help.
    It was a 30 min cartoon series shown in the early 80's (I think) and involved a group of kids maybe on a space ship. There was an little floating character that used to burst into song such as Fly me to the Moon (in a Frank Sinatra voice). I think the girl was called Amy. Any help would be great as it's driving me crazy. Thanks

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    Space Sentinels?

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    What was the story theme of the cartoon, sci fi, spooky or just general fun?
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    Unfortunately it was neither of those. I think it was a sci-fi space cartoon as this character was an small alien that buzzed about.

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    Was it The New Schmoo?

    Or Fonzie and the Happy Days Gang?

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