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Thread: The year 2000 from a past perspective

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    Quote Originally Posted by George 1978 View Post
    So this happens to be my 2,000th "official" post (even though it would have been a few more, once upon a time) - hallelujah!

    As I have now clocked up 2,000 posts on the DYR meter with this very post, I thought that I would start a new thread about, appropriately enough, the year 2000 when it always seemed to be in the future when we were growing up.

    The tabloid newspapers still had this "Tomorrow's World" feel towards the year 2000 as late as 1995, saying that a lot of technology would be in existence and a lot of things predicted during the latter half of the 20th century. Even as a 1980s child, the year 2000 was still a long way off - well, 1978 was a long time up to the mid 1980s for obvious reasons.

    That year was seen as a yardstick or even a deadline as to achieving something - when Hollywood actor George Burns appeared on Des O'Connor Tonight in 1992 at the age of 96, my late father said that he will live to be 100, while my late mother said that he will live to see the year 2000 - my father was correct as he died a few weeks after his 100th birthday in 1996. The Queen Mother's life was also used as a yardstick to measure time as we knew that she was 86 in 1986 for example.

    But what about 2000 from, let's say, a 1984 perspective? Did the thought of approaching the year 2000 seem scary to yourself, and that anything after 2000 seem "out of bounds" and into another dimension? Then we had those space series and parodies that by 2000 we would be in the space age, but it wasn't quite like that when we eventually got there. Space 1999, anyone? 2001 - A Space Odyssey? Perhaps George Orwell had missed a trick by choosing an earlier year such as 1984.

    What about those who lived in the 1950s and 1960s and viewed 2000 from back then? I know that in the final three decades in which is the scope of this forum, they were decades which got us prepared for the year 2000. After six decades of imperialism in the 20th century, along come the 1960s where one starts to break away from the conservative ways of life inherited from the start of that century. And then we had colour television, decimalisation, and all that - life started to be familiar to us. Just like the Millennium Bug, I thought that the dates stopped at 99 and couldn't go any further - what was to happen after that? Since 2000 I have always written dates with the year in four digits rather than just the final two which I actually did up until 1999.

    At school in the 1980s, it felt that the 1990s was in the future but in a more reachable fashion. When we had a go at writing our own horoscopes in class I wrote that "I will have lots of luck in the 1990s". The teacher actually commented that I would probably have a long time to wait, even though it was written in 1989!

    So what did you think about the year 2000 being in the future when you were around growing up back in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s - did you have any goals to achieve by then such as be a millionaire or something?
    Another amazing thing/coincidence about 1995 and 2000 was Pulp's Disco 2000 coming out in 1995 (and the thoughts of Jarvis writing about the year 2000 in it


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    Thinking back even (after a few days upon reading this thread0, even saying that 1989 was nearer to 2000 than than 2020 is or even 2015 being 15 years in to the Noughties is un-real for "1989 speak"

    I don't think that even in the late 80s to early to mid 90s I or any of my family gave the year a 2nd glance in terms of it moving from the 1000s to 2000s (though now through not having a normal life and through Lockdown and Restrictions) I find myself watching Classic Coronation Street on ITV of an Afternoon (which is up to 1996 and yeah admitted in parts it is dated - but parts not) and even the other day Alf Roberts mentioned to Audrey that meetings had been penned in to discuss the The Year 2000 ... then he went on to say 2I'll probably not make it/be here by 2000" and the irony was neither Alf himself in character or Bryan Mosley made it to see 2000

    Watching back now is an "insight" as it was like the Programme was caught between two Time Traps of the 80s and 90s with 1996 still only being 7 years on from when the Macdonald clan was introduced in 1989 - which seems an awfull long time 7 years to 1996 (though it is not, but it is compared to 4 years from 96 to 2000 or is equal in regard to 2003 (just entering the Richard hillman period), but of course then compare it to Grange Hill and Julie Corrigan's Year-intake in 1990 and how she got bullied and picked on in Year 7 (or First year ) as it was then and i remember meeting Margo at my Local Panto in late 96 (and she sent a lovely letter and Cast Card after) , but it was noticeable how differing Margo Selby was then - though it is to be expected .... but is still a suprise

    An other comparison is Only Fools and Horses from the "Jolly Boys Outing" in 89, up until 1996 and the last great great episodes (with the Triolgy) which ultimately signalled the Trotters had made it as Millionaires before the late great John Sullivan made them bankrupt in 2003 (that does'nt seem the same scale from 89 to 96 as it is from 96 to 2002/03 - still just at the start of the Noughties) or at least the time-scale does'nt seem the same

    A further personal comparrison was when I first began College a 2nd time in 95 and I had a steady Girlfriend but also had "designs" on another (a sort of mutual friend) who I pursued but it never came to the me dating her (even though we both basically were Free agents0 but we left our last lessons Summer of either 95 or 96 (I am certain it was 95) and was Horticulture/Enivromental studies and emails/Mobiles were still in their extreme infancy then - so lost touch 9though I guess we could have chatted on the Colleges own built in system on PCs) but we did'nt

    Never then did i think i'd not see her for a full 7 years nearly or more or less as I saw her walking down the Street in our Home-Town and just shouted ** Sandy and she said yer it's me!!

    Talk of a love story and that we had been a-part 7 years with only minimal chit-chat through mutual mates about how is ** Sandy etc or **Ian and that shows the gravity of the years difference from my own personal experiences of the slow lmid to late 90s half of the decade

    At least though I can counsoul myself she said on at least 2 seperate occasions (one in the 90s) the other a 2nd time after we met up again after 2002 that she agreed "a different time and a different place and we would have been B/f and G/f - but then she started dating an Army guy - so I was'nt going to compete on that 1 with him - but alas too we both know we held a torch for each other nad always will at that silly age of 21 (for me v 19 for her) and that what they term the "crazy in love period" added to the great Brit-Pop era of the mid to late 90s of course too (it just felt like my Mum/Dad felt) in the 60s


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