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Thread: Children's Television Series with Post Boxes

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    Default Children's Television Series with Post Boxes

    I have often wracked my brains and searched aimlessly online for information about a television series I have memories of but may not have actually existed.

    Forgive my sketchy memories but the irrelevant details I can remember are all that convinces me that this isn't something I just dreamt about.

    My family who lived in Blackpool were visiting cousins in Manchester some time around the late 60s or early 70s as we did every few weeks. The only difference was that on this occasion, there were cousins from the other side of our cousins' family I had never met before and I remember them having a very strong unfamiliar smell of something which I now think was like spring onions or garlic about them and which added to my dislike of them (the smell even seemed to linger in the car on the way home!). That's beside the point but if I didn't have such a strong memory of that, I would have dismissed it as a crazy dream.

    We were left watching television and there was, what I assume was a children's television programme or film which involved small creatures or little people who could travel from one place to another using a secret network of tunnels which connected Royal Mail post boxes. I have asked everybody I know around my age and nobody remembers it.

    If it was real, can anybody remember it?

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    Default Re: Children's Television Series with Post Boxes

    Sounds weird!......Welcome to DYR
    My teeth itch and my hair is scratchy

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    DangerMouse had a secret base under a pillar box in Baker Street.

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    No, it was definitely live action. I can remember there being children and maybe a policeman or somebody else in uniform too but they weren't what made it stand out.

    Danger Mouse came out in 1981 and by then I had left home to join the RN five years earlier.

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    Before my time of course. Mentioning postboxes would bring to mind Postman Pat for obvious reasons, but of course that was early 1980s onwards.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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