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Thread: 8 days to the moon

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    Default 8 days to the moon

    Anyone else watch this intriguing programme on BBC 1 wednesday? I have to say it gave the viewer little information which was not already common knowledge, indeed most of what can be said about the apollo 11 mission probably has been said, however the programme was made interesting by combining genuine footage with dramatisation and the use of the actual voice recordings from the astronauts themselves.
    We were given new insight into how the astronauts coped with the demands and stresses of carrying out this highly dangerous mission and the thought processes involved in getting to the moon and returning safely.
    I was particularly interested to hear that all three astronauts chose never to go into space again,the programme did not explain the reason for this but i'm sure the conspiracy brigade will have plenty of theories about that.
    It is of course the 50th anniversary this month (july) of the first moon landing and several programmes have been lined up to celebrate this momentous event

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    These are the sort of events that got me interested in Physics and Astronomy. I then went on to become a Scientist.
    In a age where fewer students go on to study Science in further education. This programme is what we need

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    I (vaguely) remember Apollo X but nothing about XI!

    I also recall XII, XIII (obvs!) and a smattering of the others.

    Not many people recall the last Apollo mission, though - a link-up in orbit with a Soyuz craft, paving the way for international collaborations like space stations.
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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