BAD as they were known as were a rock band featuring Mick Jones of The Clash. Apparently Mick was fired by Joe Strummer over creative differances around the same time Topper Headon was excluded for his heroin addiction. This is why Terry Chimes appears in the video for Rock The Casbah.

After one further album, appropriately titled 'Cut The ****', The Clash disbanded. BAD got off to a great start in 1984, releasing the album This Is Big Audio Dynamite. Besides Mick, the group also featured film producer Don Letts and various musicians, who eventually left and Mick then formed Big Audo Dynamite II with Nick Hawkins.

Included on their debut record was E=MC2, which is often credited as the first song to start the whole sampling craze that followed into the 1990s. Infact, their entire debut album is a fantastic collection of hot songs feat. amazing sampling.

I still get a laugh outta seeing ex-Clash bandmates Joe and Paul as police officers in the video for Medicine Show, which can be found on YouTube.