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    Lightbulb 1970s advert

    Hi All,
    I remember an advert back in 70s or very early 80s but I can't remember what it was advertising. The scene was a train station where a you couple were saying their goodbyes, he was going to join the army I think. She was seeing him off.....the music playing was Dolly Parton singing I will always love you.
    I thought it was one of the serial type ads where the children had grown up on tv ads over the years, but the only ones I can find are ben and mary from birds eye beef burgers....the milky bar kid....but not this one that i'm remembering. A similar advert was done by Levi in 1987 called parting but this was much older than that.....
    Please someone tell me they can remember it even if you cant find it or help me any further. This has been driving me mad for years as everyone thins I'm mad and it didn't happen....

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    Not ringing any bells, sorry...
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    The Fisherman's Friend adverts were a bit like that, although I think it was the Navy rather than the Army - they were in the latter half of the 1980s. Others that spring to mind were the series of Oxo Family adverts, and I think that Katie Boyle rather than Lynda Bellingham played the Mother at that point - the adverts always used to win the TV Times advert of the year for many years in the 1980s. It's before my time anyway.

    I think this thread should be in the "Adverts" forum.
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    There was a musk my uncle use to splash on. The advert was absolutely awesome: Hi Karate

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