Who else "adopted" this style in the early 90s?

I did when going to Party's and when I first frequented Pubs and Clubs on full time basis in 1995 and the mid to late 90s- up until 1998-ish

Going out as so (or in any other respectable Smart to Smart Casual Clothing for young Men) was the epitone of respecting Pubs and Clubs in those day's - not like today when (the old bugger I am ) goes home at 6/7/8 on a sat and I see all the young guys in T-Shirt/Jeans/Shorts and worse (as my Bus has to go through our Towns Pub District)

One Hotel 9a real Hotel - not a Pub one) that closed down about 15 years a-go entertained no shabby dressing as so I recall and you had to have a Shirt (of Buttons type) of some description on and decent Trousers like Chords/Jeans to enter tyheir Bar/Lounge, so this attire was me and my old Pub-bing mate's "order of the day) like The Blues Bros nearly .....

One day when a "Table Football Team" came in Sportswear - woe-betied what the Reciptioinist said to them or thought - as even in those day's me and my friend liked to dress smart and spent many a moonlight evening chatting up the "said Recptionsists" for what-ever reason (possibly mainly from memory) to use the Reception Phone (cheaper than the hotel Call Box Phone) or to get Bar Meals transfered in ordering ters) to their exsitley posh lounge area!!