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Thread: Are there jokes?

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    I has been a hot day. At 11.30pm I decided to have an ice-lolly. It was a Fab from Tesco. When I finished the lolly, I scanned the wooden stick to search for a joke. There was none. I recall many years ago all ice-lollys had a teaser and the solution on the other side of the stick.
    Are there ice-lollys still around with a joke-on-a-stick, if not, then when and why did it stop.
    I admit, the jokes were 'dry' and there would be a moan than a giggle.

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    I used to like the fact that the joke's question was on the end of the stick and one would have to eat it to find the answer - I think it was mostly Wall's or Lyon's Maid brand lollies that used to have jokes on the sticks.

    An ice-lolly at 11.30 pm?
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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