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Thread: Holidays - Where did you go?

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    I'm in Northern Ireland. We had a static caravan in a village called Carnlough, for many years. I remember we had a row boat that my dad and brothers fished from. I vividly remember sitting in it in my life vest and looking over the side at the kelp. My dad said that if I fell in, I would get tangled up and would drown. Haha!
    I also remember the mantles my dad bought frequently, for the gas lighting. I loved the sound of them hissing.

    Another place we had a static caravan (inherited from my paternal grandmother) in a place called Helen's Bay. That's where I was taught by a friend, how to tie my own shoelaces. He also once told me that at night, trains are driven by skeletons! And it was where I found an old, rusted rifle, which I assume was an air rifle. One of my favourite past-times was going down onto the rocks at Helen's Bay & Crawfordsburn beaches and looking for crabs and blennies.

    For many years we had a touring caravan which we took to Tollymore Forest Park. W

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    Hi folks, my family had 2 weeks at Holimarine, Burnham, 15 years running. Same weeks every year from 69 to 84.It rained once, as I remember, but the rest of the time the sun shone and the wind blew a gale straight off the sea. It was the best holiday in the world ever. We would meet up with a family from Kirkby which we did for at least 10 years. Calvin, Jean and 3 kids. There was always plenty to do, Brean market was a laugh, plenty of tat on offer. My last year was when I was 18, we had late night parties by the pool, drinking local scrumpy. There must be some 40 and 50 somethings out there who remember...? I could write a book about those days....

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    In 1985 we rented a small cottage on the Isle Of Arran (west coast of Scotlan) for a couple of weeks. I found it pretty dull at the time, not much to do except hill walking, but how I'd long to travel back in time to spend another day there! Well that's the bittersweet nature of nostalgia.

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    We would often visit my dad's family in the west of Ireland, I have some very happy memories....really must go back there at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletino View Post
    I remember going to Pontins at Camber Sands a couple of times (I remember the paddle boats and the main entrance where I saw my first ever arcade machine "boot hill"), then every year after that was to Ladbrokes at Caister. The highlight for me (not including the drive into Great Yarmouth for the seafront rides) was always the gift shop, radio controlled tanks and the Amusement Arcade under Neptune's Palace!
    We'd also get to stay up late, drink lots of cola and even get fish and chips on the way back to the chalet!
    Have lots of fond memories of that place, my folks even take their grandkids there now!
    Was thinking of visiting Caister again with my parents and my family when next in the UK, but have since found out that Neptune's Palace got knocked down in 2011 and the park is lacking a lot of the old features, won't bother now.
    The arcades underneath Neptunes were the highlight of my holidays as a kid!

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