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    Very sad news that actress Valerie Harper has passed away at age 80. She appeared in many films and TV shows, but her most famous role was as Rhoda, first as the neighbour in the Mary Tyler Moore Show, then in the spin-off when she got her own series called appropriately 'Rhoda'. I can remember it being screened on BBC2 in the late 70s, on wednesday nights, I believe. RIP Valerie Harper.

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    I used to enjoy Rhoda at the time but this is typically the type of show i would now avoid. The woman who does Marge simpsons voice co starred
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    Yes, I really liked this. Of course, Julie Kavner (now "Marge Simpson") played Rhoda's sister, Breda. Also, Lorenzo Music, who later voiced "Garfield", played "Carlton, the doorman"
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