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Thread: Capcom ruined Resident Evil... and it saddens me!

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    Exclamation Capcom ruined Resident Evil... and it saddens me!

    OK. It's like 7:15 in the morning, and I'm feeling a bit 'off' so to speak. So let's just jump into this subject and discuss it, first of all.

    I've been playing RE since the late 90's, or probably since the turn of the century at least, across various consoles. I'm 33 now. Capcom released RE4 in 2005, which is to me, the **** buggery of all **** buggery when it comes to messing up this survival horror genre.

    Basically, all the prior games had some sort of build-up, or purpose, and not only that, they were scary games in general. It was about this company called Umbrella who made these viruses, and monsters. So RE2, RE3: Nemesis and RE: Code: Veronica had similar endings where the survivors vowed to stop Umbrella someday. Only, that did not really happen the way it should have. But I will get into that soon...

    So RE4 starts with a prologue about how Umbrella supposedly went bankrupt. In the games, they were promoted as being some widespread commercial pharmacy within Raccoon City, but the city is destroyed by the government. But RE4 just makes out Umbrella isn't around any longer, and the guy from RE2 goes to Europe to look for the president's kidnapped daughter. How exciting.

    So, the game begins with your one man army in the making, heading to a village full of these annoying, uninteresting villagers, that attack you due to being infected by parasites. They also drop cash and ammo when you kill them. The rest of the game is just about you doing that again and again, mostly. There's also a random creepy guy that sets up stalls everywhere, for you to buy and sell stuff in exchange for better weapons. Which is dumb in general. Not even zombies dropped bullets in the other games, and here we have some weird merchant guy who can just show up wherever he wants.

    The end of Umbrella was then seen... IN AN ON-RAILS CO-OP SHOOTING GAME. WHAT THE HELL?

    Some of the bosses dropped items in the older games, yeah. That sort of made some sense, as Nemesis and that Mr. X thing had some sort of coats on, so they would have been carrying stock to pick up after you temporarily defeated them. But in RE4, it was just stupid and came across as gimmicky.

    So over the years, Capcom saw fit to release a slew of crappy spin off games and lame sequels, screwing up my favourite franchise. Then it got worse. They started copying other trends and also stealing ideas from other games in their more recent offerings, which myself and a lot of other fans noticed. The last straw for me was when I spent the last 2 or so years, trying hard to convince fanboys (or, dumb morons) that Capcom was just milking the series, and my words fell on deaf ears. Not only that, but my favourite YouTuber betrayed me, and started doing podcasts with the very people that were mocking him originally, over some dispute about his content. It really is a waste of time supporting this franchise.

    The 7th game that was put out in 2017, was a total rip off of a first person horror game called Silent Hills, and various horror movies. It was actually a game that never got completed nor released, due to its project leader Hideo Kojima exiting Konami. So since then, it's all been about promoting gambling machines for Konami, that no one is interested in, with there also being no real news concerning another entry in the series since 2015, or 2012 if you consider when the last one was released.

    But, anyway. The point being is that the game Capcom created was nonsense. You play this guy that you don't even see, and he went to a house to look for his wife, who he last spent time with like 3 years ago, or something along those lines. He finds her locked up in a cell in a house that looks isolated from the rest of society, and as they prepare to leave, she goes full psycho on her husband, resulting in him losing a hand when she picks up a chainsaw. The rest of the game has you in a pseudo RE world, not fighting zombies any more, but rather, you have to fight these ugly, boring looking "Molded" monsters, and a family being controlled by something that variably takes the form of a little girl or an elderly woman, who is confined to a wheelchair.

    So eventually, the main hero from most of the other games (Chris) appears in the ending to save the guy you play as, and Chris in the additional story content, is confirmed to be working for Umbrella, who got reinstated, but they are now meant to be good, and it 110% doesn't even look like the same guy from the other games. Although even Capcom confirmed it was indeed really him. Then he stays behind and attempts to rescue his men inside a mine, and then you play a guy in a swamp, that can punch monsters and break boards that cover entry points, with nothing more than his bare fists.

    I mean, a lot of people like the newer games, but the RE2 remake kind of sucked, and so did RE7. Then to add more salt to the wounds, they have unveiled this new "Project Resistance" sh*t show, that's like a 4 vs. 1 co-op PS4 game with no tension. I'm honestly sick of Capcom's nonsense.

    Hopefully, you will agree. If not, well... I think the series is just going to continue to be messed up.

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    Default Re: Capcom ruined Resident Evil... and it saddens me!

    I don't play computer games any more but i did play the first two in this series..pant shittingly scary!...sorry to hear they ruined the franchise but how often do we see this within film franchises? problem is they don't know when to draw a line under it....Terminator five coming soon to a cinema near you, GOD HELP US!
    Ejector seat?...your jokin!

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    Default Re: Capcom ruined Resident Evil... and it saddens me!

    At least you havenít invested £Ä$thousands on Fortnite !!

    Havenít they pulled the plug on support or online play or something ??

    Thousands of teenagers have apparently invested small fortunes in that game

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    Default Re: Capcom ruined Resident Evil... and it saddens me!

    Oh yeah. Fortnite! That's the game that "Michael Does Life" talks about in his YouTube rants. Before that, it was like RE was becoming a lame hybrid of indie horror and Call of Duty. As if the two were collaborating, just so that Capcom can pretend it's even worthy of being called a triple A game.

    But I get so depressed over this BS from Capcom. They don't even need the money. I'm sure that company and lots of other companies are already well off, money-wise. After all, how many times have they been releasing the same games? Now they are even heading to the Nintendo Switch, and often mobiles even get their own watered down versions.

    All this money and stuff could have went into making a new sequel, but they have no ideas for developing good sequels. Even I know that, because Revelations 2 ripped off the last of us. I noticed the story was the same, and even one of the monsters is like the Bloater from [i]The Last of Us[i]. That's why they are just remaking the old ones and trying to make us think their spin off games will be good, that more or less just copy whatever trend is already a hit. In this case, it would be Dead by Daylight.

    And then I was a little bit optimistic about an online co-op game. I know some people say that co-op makes a horror game less scary, but a big budget game that isn't so shooter-ish may have helped to rejuvenate people's interest. As long as it's not some garbage like Left 4 Dead, I would have been fine with it, and maybe even stopped moaning about Capcom for a change. But nope. The more garbage I see from this corporation, the more I get mad inside.

    And, yeah. It's just a game, right? No need to dwell and get upset. But if you're passionate about something and you know they are wrecking it, you won't enjoy watching that unfold. These games really helped a lot of people keep going in life. It's kind of true. People with anxiety and poor social skills kind of depend on having something to look forward to. It's all about finding your niche. But when your niche is being destroyed, it really hurts you. Screw Capcom, and Konami!

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