As both Ron and Jim were legends in their own particular Football-ing achievments and both managed Midlands Teams - Ron with Aston Villa and Jim Derby, and as both passed away so close by in terms of days

Both to me are legends in differing - Ron for all his energy and love and what he achieved for Aston Villa and Jim for finaly guiding Derby out of the wilderness back to the Top Division - when Derby was one of the few Teams of that era who had finicial muscle to claw their way into the Premier along with say Blackburn, Newcastle and Wolves - nobody had that kind of money par those 4 to get up and actualy stay up, but Jim did it the conventinal way and not blowing a fortune to get there!

My other abiding memories of Jim are his time in charge of Portsmouth in the 1992/1993 season and Pompoy lost out on Goal Difference combined with a record 88 but in-ferior Goal Difference to West Ham

This was in the days - I respected Portsmouth as a Team, before they spent way beyond their means to stay in the Premier - though of course before that Jim was assistant boss to Harry redknapp in the Prem! Also notable positions Jim had was taking Oxford to their first major Cup Final ever v QPR in either 1985 or 86 and making a reputation as a great manager when Boston Utd wasa force to be reckoned with in the old Northern Leauge Days - which too I believe is where "Sgt" Howard Wilkinson earned his reputation and then suseqently became (still the last ever English Boss to win the old First Division/Premier Leauge with Leeds in 1992

I think what Jim did in his Career was nothing short of amazing and deserved way more credit and the FA should've recognised Jim's talents more in a Coaching/Managerial Set Up. Not as I am against the "Long Ball Style" of Dave Basset at Sheff Utds/Wimbledon/Watford etc, but Jim did it equaly as good but just in a differing "proper Football Way" I think

I ma sorry I have not as much to add regards Ron, though I know/knew Ron was an absoulte legend at Villa - and if I am not wrong did'nt Ron win Villa the European Cup, though i'm not 101% on this one to commit totaly

I am sorry I am unsure of Ron's age but Jim was 79

RIP Jim Smith & Ron Saunders