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Thread: Escape from Colditz

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    true EM!

    The 4 of us played together all the time through the 70s/early 80....EFC was our fav by a mile
    (they had 2 games I never possessed..Chutes Away, & Treasure of the Pharaohs..blimey thats sooo expensive to get hold of now)


    Visit us here:

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    75th Anniversary edition being released in October:

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    I had this game as a boy. I remember those wooden pieces, like pawns in chess, black for Germins and Orange for the Dutch and presumably Red for the British. Where there French amd Americans in this game I can't remember now.

    But what I DO remember is that, despite the fact I had no-one to play board games with, the odd occasion (usually Christmas Day) when the game used to come out no-one wanted to be the Germins, because their role was so boring. It certainly wasn't a quick game by any means !

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    I think I was about 10 or 11 when Escape from Colditz was bought for me as a Christmas present. I enjoyed playing it but I seem to remember it was a bit complicated, or it seemed so to my pre-teen self.

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    I've always wanted "Escape from Colditz" but never had it.

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    I remember that no one seemed to know how to play this properly so me and my mates made up or own game. If you were Nazis you would have to catch the others by using the dice and moving the thrown number of spaces on the board and if you were Allies you would have to collect all the equipment before making your escape whilst dodging the Nazis. Seemed to go on for ages.

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    Nobody would ever play it with me. I asked my family recently why no one would play and apparently it was because no one wanted to be the Nazis!

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