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Thread: Was this an episode of Dead Like Me?

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    Default Was this an episode of Dead Like Me?

    "One episode sees an untalented stand-up comedian literally die on stage by inexplicably exploding after one of his bad jokes."

    Found this on the TV tropes page for Dead Like Me (the TV series), a trope listed was spontaneous combustion, the previous as described.

    Someone told me that they own all the episodes on a computer disc, and saw all the episodes at least a few times, and this does not seem familiar to them, so I am thinking the person who posted the trope on the page was inaccurate on the details, or saw it on another show. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Nothing is popping up for me.

    Please help, thanks.

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    Default Re: Was this an episode of Dead Like Me?

    Fraid this one passed me by...good luck Doctor
    My teeth itch and my hair is scratchy

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