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Thread: Can anyone please identify this story?

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    Default Can anyone please identify this story?

    I read this book on my Kindle few years back, I think the story must have been published in 2013-2017, it is horror, science fiction, or perhaps a bit of both (mostly horror). I do not know if it is on a book I still have on my Kindle, or if I rented, but to go through my Kindle would be impossible, because I ordered several short story collections on my Kindle, and the title of this short story does not come to mind, or the title of the collection the story is included in. This is all I can remember. A man jumps off a building. I think a father. The mother and son (how old he was I am not entirely sure) are watching news. Suddenly, the son's body slowly disappears, first I think his legs, then his arms, as this happens, his mother screams, "Eli (I think that was his name), look down at yourself ..." He was ceasing to exist. I cannot remember the ending, but knowing how these stories turn out, I think it was not a happy one. I thnk the man who jumped committed suicide, but do not quote me on that. The collection, the Seer of Possibilities - And Other Disturbing Tales, by Thomas O, and Choose Your Doom: Collected Short Stories - Picking Stories for the Apocalypse, both seem familiar, but neither is it. I checked. Why does apocalpyse seem so familiar.

    I received a response from a librarian today, I sent an email in about last week asking for help on this, and a woman was kind enough to help. Unfortunately, despite her avail to try, she was unable to provide help in her reply. She told me she must have asked at least five hundred librarians, and no one had the answer. I also asked this on the Tip of my Tongue forum of Reedit, You Know That Show (from TV Tropes), and Booksleuth, and no one was able to post any response. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Please help, thank you.

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    No but it sounds like a nightmare, good luck Doctor
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    Not one of the Twisted Endings books by Timothy McLendon, is it? Asking this all around, even on three horror forums, and not one person knows, although someone said that the author of Dark Carousel, Joe Hill, writes these types of stories, and someone else who recalls reading this story, but cannot remember practically anything, does recall that the cover had a monochrome appearance, largely white, with some drawings with darker color. This is a nightmare alright, but it is even more so that NOT ONE person knows this. I must be way off with the information, because no one knowing this is a bit unbelievable to me.

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