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    Hi there...

    My name is Matt, 23 from the North Yorkshire.

    I found this website through a link on when i was bored at work and thinking about my old toys.

    I remember watching Visionaries*, He-Man*, Thundercats*, MASK*, Centurions and many others as a child. (Ones with * are now part of my DVD collection )

    Toys i wish i still had:-

    My Lion-o Sword from thundercats

    Life Ambition:-

    To create a time machine and go and visit my younger self and tell me not to open ANY of my toys and keep them in pristine condition. Think of the money you could earn!

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    Hi Matt, welcome to dyr, this is the place to find all those old toy's, just seeing them again in nice.If you ever create that time machine, I'll buy a ticket.
    Enjoy searching.

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    You were the first to reply so you can ride shotgun for free

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    Yay!! cool

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    Hi TwistedSpirit. Welcome to DYR. Baggsies the back seat in your Time Machine!!!

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