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Thread: Italia 90 & Euro 96

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    Default Italia 90 & Euro 96

    Little Bit Before My Time But did anyone watch the italia 90 or euro 96. .

    I Just Finished Watching Harry's Hero's Euro Having A Laugh, and what a good watch that was . i throughly enjoyed it very funny and emotional to .

    BTW I Have This On 45 inch in my vinyl collection.

    Best Years Of My Childhood Was Growing Up In The Late 90's and the early 2000's . before the world went Mad

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    Default Re: Italia 90 & Euro 96

    Great memories indeed OTBF - though both are sad memories in more way's than one I very very easily can like yesterday recall being 13 in June/July 90 and staying up and really hoping we'd at least be in the Final - though as usual it was not meant to be!!

    It is amazing to think 96 was only 6 years after 90 and is the same time-scale in years away from 2002. Upon watching Classic Coronation Street this is bringing sad personal memories og my ruined tyouth flooding back - thinking "what I should have been at 18/19", even if I had met my first Real Girlfriend the year before. it is almost ironic and even iconic that people of my generation have been lucky (if you can term it this) to see us in 3 Semis - abliet the last one being in '18, but to think what kids today would give for this at such young ages - like my boyhood and man-hood team reaching the Premier in my youthood too!


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