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Thread: School Trips

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    Homesick In Germany!!
    I'd consider giving up my beloved Brighton to live there

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    I can't really remember too many school trips and non that were eventful, I remember going to Beamish Musuem, York and Hadrians Wall, thats about it.

    Not a school trip, but i did go on a camping holiday to Oban with cubs, which unfortunately i had to cut short through homesickness

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    I remember going to London Zoo, the Natural History Museum, Margate, Windsor Safari Park.....I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that stand out. Always good fun!
    "Ah, nostalgia ain't what it used to be..."

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    Hi all

    remember going mainly later in my Secondary school on one or two trips.....

    All the in vogue places I'm sure you'll be jealous when I tell ya.........

    Grimsby fish docks - under some premise that it was for geography I think - Can't really remember much about that except stopping off in Lincoln.

    Science Museum in London - Great day - got to chat to loads of Dorises from other schools - Oh dear I don't think that was the point of the trip was it ?

    Lathkill Dale - The best trip of all - Went drinking at Lunchtime in Bakewell - all stood at the loung bar - looked across into the Bar to see all the teachers - everybody scattered except one lad who looked the oldest and was ordering!
    Went down into the dale - the teachers were fab & relaxed and showed us they we're humans just like us - that was a shock I can tell ya.

    See told ya you'd be jealous

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    We were brought to Killarney every year - when you're cooped up in boarding school you don't care, believe me !
    One of the class set off a stink bomb in a stately house & the teacher threatened to bring us all back top school straight away if the culprit didn't own up ( he did ).
    Happiest days of your life my a**e !

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    The first school trip I went on was to High Beech, which is part of Epping Forest. That was at infant school, the other trip from that time was to the Natural History museum. We also went to the Hospital Chapel in Ilford (so we were able to walk there) - apparently it was a medieval monastery or something. At Junior school, there were daytrips to the Zoo, and Crystal Palace (where I saw the Concorde flying overhead). There was a trip organized to a theatre, but I didn't want to go - there'd been a series of IRA bombings in London, and I was really scared. But I didn't have to go in a different class, as my Mum let me stay home that day. I also went to a weekend camp at Mersea Island, on the Essex coast, and a weeklong trip to Ringsfield Hall in Suffolk. We stayed in a big house, and had all kinds of activities, and trips to places like Lowestoft. At senior school, we went to the Commonwealth Institute - highlight of that trip was one of the boys playing in a "sandpit" in the park, and then finding out it was actually a dog-toilet . There was a trip to the theatre, I think it may have been Romeo & Juliet (and no it wasn't torture, I loved - and still do love - Shakespeare! Though the way it was taught, I can understand why most people hate it.) There was a trip to France, which I couldn't go on, my parents just couldn't afford it, so I missed the huge scandal of two of the girls being found in bed with local boys
    Most trips I enjoyed, it was a break from everyday school boredom. The one drawback is that I've always had really bad travel sickness, so for each trip there was the process of taking the travel tablets to school, having to remind the teacher I needed them, the note from my Mum asking that I be allowed to chew gum on the bus, as that seemed to help. On the camping trip, I threw up on the way there, as did several other kids, but the teachers were quite impressed that I did it very tidily into a plastic bag brought for that purpose... I'd had a lot of practice!
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    We went to (of all the places) Whitby ?!?!?!? It was nice, saw the Jorvik Viking Centre, walked the Yorkshire Moors, and train from Pickering to Goathland )(which is now used as Heartbeat's railway station), saw lots of Whitby - my first time away from home - it was in June 1985 in my last year at primary.
    As 10/11 year olds we were convinced we would see Dracula as a black dog...every black dog we saw we would scream Dracula!!!

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    I've just remembered my best school trips, they were to the British Open golf in 1986 and 1987.

    In 1986 we saw Ronnie Corbett in the trade tents and also saw lee Trevino coming off the course, we asked for his autograph and he said he'd be back in a minute to sign them, of course he didn't, typical of the arrogant so and so he is.

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    The only one that I can remember is as a fourth year at junior school we went to Lathkildale in the Derbyshire peak district for a long walk. I really enjoyed it plenty of interesting things to see like a very deep dissused mineshaft and the scenery was great. Thanks Mr Corkwell.
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    I think the place we all went to was in York - it was some weird (but interesting) 'ride' where you sat in this car and went back in time to - actually I don't know where. Maybe a couple of centuries. They also recreated the smells.

    And that's all I remember hehe.

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